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Good Practice Examples: AQAPs


The below examples of adopted Air Quality Action Plans show a range of approaches taken by local authorities in the development of Action Plans for their Air Quality Management Areas (AQMAs), which may vary in size and be impacted on by a range of emission sources.

The appraisal team has accepted all of the proposed measures as appropriate and proportional to the extent of the problem. Their inclusion here as examples of Best Practice are made on the basis of the overall approach to the Air Quality Action Plan taken by the authority, or the endorsement of specific elements of the Plan, which may prove useful to other authorities embarking on the Air Quality Action Plan process. Comments are provided against individual Air Quality Action Plans to guide local authorities on where the appraisal team regard the Plan as good practice.

Please note that some of the example documents provided may not have been made fully accessible. Please contact the relevant local authority if you require an accessible copy.


Swale Borough Council: A good example of a thorough Air Quality Action Plan consolidating previous Air Quality Action Plans for 6 Air Quality Management Areas into one Air Quality Action Plan. Benefits from JAQU Local Plan work.

Swale Borough Council AQAP

Released: July 2023 (PDF, 3.42 MB, 86 pages)


Maldon District Council: A good example of an Air Quality Action Plan supported by modelling and strong comment on consultation. Non-charge Class D Clean Air Zone as a main measure.

Maldon District Council AQAP

Released: June 2020 (PDF, 1.33 MB, 59 pages)


Oxford City Council: Good Air Quality Action Plan which sets a local NO2 target of 30μg/m3. Template not used but a strong example. Taken on board consultation and other comments from draft.

Oxford City Council AQAP

Released: January 2021 (PDF, 10.20 MB, 56 pages)


Elmbridge Borough Council: A good example of an Air Quality Action Plan with comments from draft taken forward.

Elmbridge Borough Council AQAP

Released: December 2021 (DOC, 7.46 MB, 64 pages)


Rushcliffe Borough Council: Good level of detail, incorporated comments from the consultation process, which are referenced throughout.

Rushcliffe Borough Council AQAP

Released: December 2021 (PDF, 2.57 MB, 84 pages)


Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council: Good level of detail. Identified the AQMA potentially to be revoked. Strong linkage with transport policy and reporting.

Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council AQAP

Released: April 2022 (DOC, 48.6 KB, 44 pages)

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