Where do I find good practice LTP2 examples?


The following provisional LTPs were deemed to provide a clear consideration to air quality issues following appraisal of the Air Quality Shared Priority by Defra and DfT.

Links to the current website addresses for each provision LTP are shown below:


 Greater Manchester:

A good example of a full and detailed consideration to air quality problems and opportunities to improve air quality through the LTP process. The plan shows a high level of stakeholder engagement and dialogue and full participation by all tiers of government.


Southend-on-Sea Borough Council

A good example of a non-AQMA authority that has dealt with the air quality shared priority through the inclusion of information on air quality with the setting of local targets for monitoring the plan.


Central Leicestershire

A good example of setting targets and intermediate outcomes for the setting of LTP8 Mandatory Indicator.


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