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FAQ 8 – Air Quality Monitoring Equipment Suppliers

Where can I find information about Air Quality Monitoring Equipment Suppliers?

The LAQM Helpdesk is independent of any air quality monitoring instrument manufacturers and therefore do not recommend specific suppliers or instruments.

Air quality monitoring is undertaken in the UK against quality criteria, which instruments should demonstrate they are proven to achieve, typically set down in legislation as criteria which apply to ‘indicative’ or ‘reference/equivalent’ methods.

For NOx, SO2, CO and O3, the Environment Agency’s MCERTS scheme for Continuous Ambient Measurement Systems (CAMS) provides for evidence of reference instruments achieving quality standards and are an ideal first step in deciding which instruments are most appropriate to the current LAQM regime requirements. A list of all suppliers of NOx, SO2, CO and O3 instruments with MCERTS certification is available.

For Particulate Matter (PM) reference/equivalent instruments, approved monitors should not be taken from this website. Instead, the a list of instruments approved for PM monitoring is given in Technical Guidance LAQM.TG(22) Paragraph 7.154 through paragraph 7.175 inclusive.

Additionally for particulates, there exist a number of PM10 and PM2.5 instruments that have been certified as suitable for indicative monitoring within the UK (see Technical Guidance Technical Guidance LAQM.TG(22) para 7.176 and/or Technical Guidance LLAQM.TG(16) para 4.53).

The list of currently available NO2 diffusion tube suppliers is available on the National Bias Adjustment Factors page.

Should local authorities require further details relating to monitoring equipment then please contact the LAQM Helpdesk.

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