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9 AQMA(s) in my area relate to road traffic emissions from Highway Agency Roads. What do I need to do to fulfil my local authority duties under Part IV of the Environment Act 1995?AQMA Road Highways AQMA Action Plan motorway 21/11/2016
10 Are Local Authorities who have integrated their Air Quality Action Plan into their LTP, required to report progress to Defra in 2009?AQAP Road LTP Local Transport Plan Road 21/11/2016
26 Is it necessary to declare an AQMA for a single isolated cottage or row of cottages next to a motorway or trunk road?AQMA Road AQMA motorway trunk cottage single small highways 21/11/2016
27 Guidance on Running the DMRB Screening ModelModelling Road DMRB guidance 21/11/2016
31 When I am examining an area containing road junctions or canyons, do I need to identify every junction or canyon that has a risk of exceeding the objective?Road Modelling Reporting canyon junction Congest 21/11/2016
33 I am interested in the South Yorkshire EcoStars Fleet Recognition Scheme. How can I replicate such a scheme in my Local Authority area?Road AQAP EcoStars measures 21/11/2016
41 How effective are acoustic screening or tree planting alongside busy roads in reducing pollution at adjacent residential areas?Planning AQAP Road mitigation trees acoustic screens reducing barrier 01/03/2010
59 My AQMA is likely to remain, as a result of a Highways Agency managed road. What input can I expect from the Highways Agency in terms of Review and Assessment? [England, Scotland, Wales]AQMA Road HA Highways Road motorway 21/11/2016
60 My AQMA on the public road is likely to remain, and is largely attributable to road transport. What input can I expect from Roads Service in terms of Review and Assessment? [Northern Ireland]AQMA Road Road motorway roads service highways 21/11/2016
62 Is the example in Box 7.2 of LAQM.TG(09) correct?Road Modelling Pollutant 7.2 NOx NO2 Nitrogen Reduction tg09 technical guidance 21/11/2016
63 Measurements of nitrogen dioxide have been made over the last few years at the kerbside using diffusion tubes. Is there any way the results can be used to assess concentrations at the facade of nearby residential properties, to allow comparison with the annual mean objective?Monitoring Pollutant Road Fall Distance nox no2 nitrogen kerb road diffusion tube 21/11/2016
72 Our AQMA(s) have been declared as a result of road traffic emission emanating from vehicles on the road network. Where can we go? [Northern Ireland]AQMA Road Traffic Road highways motorways 21/11/2016
73 Our AQMA(s) have been declared as a result of road traffic emission emanating from vehicles on the national strategic road network. Where can we go? [England, Scotland, Wales]AQMA Road Traffic Road Highways 21/11/2016
88 Site Location - Where should I try to locate my monitors for investigating road traffic emissions?Monitoring Road Location Site Road Kerb Exposure 01/03/2010
105What impact do trees have on air pollutant concentrations?AQAP Planning Modelling Road Mitigation Tree 01/03/2010
106What is the Emission Factors Toolkit?Modelling Road EFT Factor toolkit vehicle emission 19/06/2014
112What is the typical impact of local measures on air quality?AQAP Road Planning Mitigation Measure Development 21/11/2016
125Is there a new NOx to NO2 calculator to allow for the increase in primary NO2 from traffic?Pollutant Modelling Road NO2 NOX Calculator nitrogen primary 21/11/2016
134Box 2.3 of LAQM.TG(09): how to predict nitrogen dioxide concentrations at different distances from roads. The calculation specifies that distances should be measured from the kerb of a road. I am interested in a road along which cars are parked most of the time, so moving traffic does not use the nearside lane. Should I measure my distance to the kerb or to the edge of the nearest trafficked lane?road kerbside distance from kerb fall-off monitoring diffusion21/11/2016

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