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2 Where Defra or the devolved administrations have not accepted a local authority's reportReporting apprais approval report reject not accepted 21/11/2016
4 Will local authorities have to continue to maintain levels of air pollution at or below the levels set for the air quality objectives beyond the target year for each pollutant (i.e. 2003-2010)?Reporting AQMA Objective 21/11/2016
5 Measured nitrogen oxides (NOx) and/or nitrogen dioxide (NO2) concentrations in my local authority area do not appear to be declining in line with national forecasts. Should I take this into account in my Review and Assessment work?Pollutant Diffusion Nitrogen NOx NO2 trends 01/09/2010
7 Are local authorities legally required to achieve the prescribed air quality objectives in their areas by the given target dates?AQMA Objective Legal reporting 21/11/2016
8 Where can I find information about Air Quality Monitoring Equipment Suppliers?Monitoring supplier equipment mcerts 01/06/2011
137What Defra funding sources can Local Authorities access to support their air quality work?AQAP Funding Grant Fund06/10/2016
9 AQMA(s) in my area relate to road traffic emissions from Highway Agency Roads. What do I need to do to fulfil my local authority duties under Part IV of the Environment Act 1995?AQMA Road Highways AQMA Action Plan motorway 21/11/2016
10 Are Local Authorities who have integrated their Air Quality Action Plan into their LTP, required to report progress to Defra in 2009?AQAP Road LTP Local Transport Plan Road 21/11/2016
11 Are the references in Box 2.2 of TG(09) correct?Monitoring Modelling Box 2.2 error background monitoring reporting tg09 technical guidance 21/11/2016
6 What is meant by the term local background in LAQM.TG(09)Monitoring Modelling Background Local 21/11/2016
13 When considering nitrogen dioxide, should I assess biomass combustion emissions against the annual mean objective or the 1-hour objective?Industrial Modelling biomass nitrogen nomogram 21/11/2016
26 Is it necessary to declare an AQMA for a single isolated cottage or row of cottages next to a motorway or trunk road?AQMA Road AQMA motorway trunk cottage single small highways 21/11/2016
14 Is it better to use statistical datasets over 10 years or sequential hourly datasets over 1 or more years? How many years of sequential data should be used?Modelling meteorology statistical hourly met data Meteorological weather meteological 21/11/2016
25 Where new information comes to light that leads an authority to believe exceedences of any of the objectives are likely, what is the correct procedure to follow?AQMA AQAP Exceedence exceeding exceedance new objective AQMA 21/11/2016
15 None of the screening tools available for stacks (e.g. the HMIP D1 method, nomograms in LAQM.TG(09) are applicable to my installation due to a low exit velocity, or buildings taller than the stack. How do I assess its air quality impact?Modelling Industrial exit velocity stack building taller D1Height screen 01/03/2010
16 How do I calculate an appropriate chimney height to ensure emissions of NO2 from small gas boilers controlled by the Clean Air Act do not lead to an exceedence of the Air Quality Strategy's objective for nitrogen dioxide (NO2) prescribed in the Air Quality Regulations 2000, SI No 928?Modelling Industrial chimney D1 clean air act Stack Height CHM 01/03/2010
24 Isn't there a conflict between the need to regenerate urban centre and other brownfield sites, and the need to avoid allowing new developments in areas of poor air quality?Planning AQMA brownfield conflict development planning AQMA Development 21/11/2016
17 When I use the nomograms in LAQM.TG(09) to assess emissions from biomass combustion, how and when should I calculate a background adjusted emission rate?Industrial nomogram headroom background adjusted biomass 5.19Figure 21/11/2016
18 Can I use the Chimney Heights Memorandum to determine the stack height for room-sealed boiler flue systems?Modelling Industrial chimney height memorandum room-sealed boiler 01/03/2010
19 Can an industrial source be discounted as being significant by saying that it is in compliance with its permit?Industrial industrial permit 21/11/2016
22 Can a screening model such as DMRB and ADMS-Screen be used for a Detailed Assessment?Modelling Reporting DMRB screen detailed assessment DA 21/11/2016
21 Can the Action Plan be submitted in advance of the Further Assessment?AQAP Reporting Action Plan Further Assessment before report apprais submit 21/11/2016
23 Can the Further Assessment and Action Plan be submitted as a single document?Reporting AQAP Action Plan Further Assessment combined report appraisal submitFA 21/11/2016
27 Guidance on Running the DMRB Screening ModelModelling Road DMRB guidance 21/11/2016
28 Do all local authorities with AQMAs need to write an Air Quality Action Plan?AQAP AQMA Action Plan excellent LTP 21/11/2016
29 Do developers have to get planning permission for an industrial development before seeking a pollution control authorisation for it?Planning Industrial industrial planning permission Development 21/11/2016
30 Do we have to undertake consultation on any amendments to our air quality action plan?AQAP AQMA reporting consultation action plan amend 21/11/2016
31 When I am examining an area containing road junctions or canyons, do I need to identify every junction or canyon that has a risk of exceeding the objective?Road Modelling Reporting canyon junction Congest 21/11/2016
32 What is expected of local authorities who identify potential exceedences through monitoring data in a Progress Report?Monitoring Reporting AQMA Exceedence exceeding exceedance progress report monitoring AQMA Detailed Assessment 21/11/2016
33 I am interested in the South Yorkshire EcoStars Fleet Recognition Scheme. How can I replicate such a scheme in my Local Authority area?Road AQAP EcoStars measures 21/11/2016
34 For diffusion tube locations with triplicate tubes, how do I know whether to discount outlying tubes in calculating my bias adjustment factor?Diffusion Pollutant Monitoring diffusion tube triplicate outlier bias adjustment factorNitrogen NO2 21/11/2016
35 I have identified the need to undertake a Detailed Assessment for Poultry Farms. Is there any guidance on how to do this?Industrial Reporting poultry turkey chicken farm PM10 21/11/2016
36 How can I identify areas in my district where burning of solid fuels such as coal, smokeless fuel or wood (i.e. biomass) might be leading to exceedences of the 2004 daily mean PM10 air quality objective (and the 2010 annual mean objective in Scotland)?Industrial solid fuel biomass PM10 households 5.22 5.23 coal 21/11/2016
37 Guidance on Assessing Emissions from Railway LocomotivesTransport railway train locomotive diesel NO2 21/11/2016
38 None of the screening tools available for stacks (e.g. the HMIP D1 method, nomograms in LAQM.TG(09) are applicable to my installation due to a low exit velocity, or buildings taller than the stack. How do I assess its air quality impact?Industrial Modelling exit velocity stack building taller D1Height 01/03/2010
39 How does the assessment of model uncertainty relate to the process of model verification?Modelling model uncertainty verification correlation coefficient fractional bias Root Mean Square Erroradjustment correction 21/11/2016
40 How does the submission of the Air Quality Plan relate to the Further Assessment report that is being prepared?AQAP Reporting action plan content further assessment report AQAP 21/11/2016
41 How effective are acoustic screening or tree planting alongside busy roads in reducing pollution at adjacent residential areas?Planning AQAP Road mitigation trees acoustic screens reducing barrier 01/03/2010
42 How effective is photocatalytic paint in reducing ambient nitrogen oxides?AQAP Planning paint photocatalytic mitigation effective 01/03/2010
43 How long do I need to monitor for?Monitoring monitor duration minimum length month 21/11/2016
44 How precautionary should authorities be when identifying areas of likely exceedences?AQMA Exceedence exceeding exceedance identify likely precautionary declare reporting 21/11/2016
45 For those authorities, who have designated a number of AQMAs, how should the submitted Action Plan deal with this aspect? Is it necessary to provide an individual action plan for each area?AQMA AQAP Reporting AQMA multiple action plan report combined submit 21/11/2016
46 How should emissions from gas boilers, not subject to LAPC/PPC controls, be considered for the purposes of LAQM reviews and assessments?Industrial Modelling boiler gas small chimney height approvalfurnace 01/03/2010
47 How should local authorities treat proposals for developments inside AQMAs, or likely AQMAs?AQMA Planning AQMA development planning inside adjacent application PPS23 PAN51 low emissions guidance Development21/11/2016
48 How should Local Development Frameworks/development plan documents take air quality into account?Planning AQAP development framework LDF AQMA planning Development 21/11/2016
49 How should model uncertainty be accounted for within the review and assessment process?Modelling Monitoring model uncertainty account predict 21/11/2016
50 How should predictions against the short-term objectives be carried out and can models accurately predict concentrations over 1 hour or 15 minutes?Modelling 15-minute 1-hour hourly short-term accurate predict 21/11/2016
51 How should the Action Plan be structured?AQAP Reporting action plan structure report 21/11/2016
52 How can I calculate a local bias adjustment factor for nitrogen dioxide diffusion tubes?Diffusion Monitoring local bias adjustment factor diffusion tube calculateNitrogen NOx NO2 21/11/2016
54 If I upgrade my TEOM analyser to a FDMS analyser, or replace it with an FDMS, is it possible to compare the data for the purpose of trend analyses?Pollutant Monitoring PM10 FDMS Particulate 21/11/2016
55 If there is a boiler which is not regulated under the PPC/LAPC regime or the Clean Air Act and the nomograms in LAQM.TG(09) suggest an exceedence of the NO2 objective is likely, what controls should a local authority use to tackle emissions?Industrial Boiler no2 nitrogen not regulated exempt planning 21/11/2016
56 In Detailed Assessments, should all areas that will be above the objective in the relevant year be identified, irrespective of whether people are exposed?Reporting AQMA Detailed Exposure exceedences objectives where do objectives apply 21/11/2016
57 There are one or more industrial sources located within my authority area (or adjacent to it) which are permitted by the Environment Agency, SEPA or NIEA under the Environmental Permitting Regulations 2007. As the emissions from these installations are regulated, do they need to be considered as potentially significant sources for review and assessment?Industrial EA Permit regulated DoE SEPA part a processes 21/11/2016
58 What influence does location have on diffusion tube bias? In particular, can roadside co-location studies be used to adjust background diffusion tubes and vice versa?Diffusion Monitoring Pollutant Bias tube No2 nox nitrogen location co-location colocation collocation 21/11/2016
59 My AQMA is likely to remain, as a result of a Highways Agency managed road. What input can I expect from the Highways Agency in terms of Review and Assessment? [England, Scotland, Wales]AQMA Road HA Highways Road motorway 21/11/2016
60 My AQMA on the public road is likely to remain, and is largely attributable to road transport. What input can I expect from Roads Service in terms of Review and Assessment? [Northern Ireland]AQMA Road Road motorway roads service highways 21/11/2016
61 Is it appropriate to always choose meteorological data from the nearest observing station?Modelling Meteorological weather meteological 21/11/2016
62 Is the example in Box 7.2 of LAQM.TG(09) correct?Road Modelling Pollutant 7.2 NOx NO2 Nitrogen Reduction tg09 technical guidance 21/11/2016
63 Measurements of nitrogen dioxide have been made over the last few years at the kerbside using diffusion tubes. Is there any way the results can be used to assess concentrations at the facade of nearby residential properties, to allow comparison with the annual mean objective?Monitoring Pollutant Road Fall Distance nox no2 nitrogen kerb road diffusion tube 21/11/2016
64 What if a local authority feels it has insufficient monitoring data? A local authority may feel it has insufficient time for an adequate period of monitoring between embarking on a Detailed Assessment following the conclusion of an Updating and Screening Assessment or Progress Report and submitting the Detailed Assessment in April of the following year.Monitoring Reporting Data Insufficient DA Detailed 21/11/2016
65 A planning application introduces new exposure into an area that is not currently within an AQMA. If mechanical ventilation and roof level air intakes are used - would an AQMA still need to be declared?Planning Pollutant AQMA Exposure Mitigation facade outside21/11/2016
66 Monitoring Equipment - What are the recommended methods for making measurements of sulphur dioxide?Monitoring Pollutant SO2 Equipment 21/11/2016
67 Monitoring Equipment - What are the recommended methods for making measurements of nitrogen dioxide?Monitoring Pollutant Diffusion NO2 Equipment NOX Nitrogen diffusion tube 21/11/2016
68 Monitoring Equipment - What are the recommended methods for making measurements of PM10 particles?Monitoring Pollutant PM10 Particulate Equipment 21/11/2016
69 When defining nitrogen dioxide diffusion tube bias, is it better to use the local co-location result or the average of as many co-location studies for the laboratory and tube preparation method as possible?Diffusion Pollutant Monitoring NO2 NOX nitrogen Bias co-location collocation colocation local bias national bias diffusion tube 21/11/2016
71 Site Location - Once I've identified a suitable area for monitoring, what do I need to take into consideration when locating a specific site?Monitoring Location Site 21/11/2016
72 Our AQMA(s) have been declared as a result of road traffic emission emanating from vehicles on the road network. Where can we go? [Northern Ireland]AQMA Road Traffic Road highways motorways 21/11/2016
73 Our AQMA(s) have been declared as a result of road traffic emission emanating from vehicles on the national strategic road network. Where can we go? [England, Scotland, Wales]AQMA Road Traffic Road Highways 21/11/2016
74For PM10 from quarries, is it sufficient to say that if deposit gauge results are below 200 µg/m2/day, then there is no PM10 problem?Pollutant Industrial PM10 quarr fugitive dust 21/11/2016
75 We are an Excellent rated Authority (England only). Do we need to produce an action plan for any newly declared industrial related AQMAs, given that road traffic measures will be included in Local Transport Plans?Industrial AQMA AQAP LTP Transport 21/11/2016
76 QA/QC - What QA/QC procedures do I need to implement for diffusion tube monitoring?Monitoring Diffusion Pollutant QA QC NOX NO2 nitrogen diffusion tube 21/11/2016
77 QA/QC - What QA/QC procedures do I need to implement for gravimetric PM10 monitoring?Monitoring Pollutant QA QC PM10 particulate 21/11/2016
78 QA/QC - What QA/QC procedures do I need to implement for automatic NOx and SO2 monitoring?Monitoring Pollutant QA QC SO2 Sulphur NOX NO2nitrogen 21/11/2016
79 What are the requirements for local authorities following extensions of existing AQMAs and/or designation of additional AQMAs?AQMA AQAP Detailed Extension Additional consultation 21/11/2016
80 Should the declaration of an air quality management area be part of Detailed Assessments?AQMA Reporting Detailed Declar 21/11/2016
81 Should cost-effectiveness be part of the decision to declare an air quality management area?AQMA Declar Cost Expens 21/11/2016
82 Should kerbside data be used in the Review & Assessment?Monitoring Reporting Kerb data location relevant exposure 21/11/2016
83 Should local authorities use planning conditions and/or planning obligations to require developers to minimise emissions from any new development?Planning Mitigation Conditions Obligations 21/11/2016
84 Should planning permission be given for new houses or commercial developments to be built inside air quality management areas?Planning AQMA Mitigation Conditions Obligations permission 21/11/2016
85 Should we submit progress against our action plans, where the plan has been finalised just before the Progress Report due date?AQAP Reporting Progress Action Measures 21/11/2016
86 Should worst-case input data assumptions be used in the model?Modelling Wors Assumption 21/11/2016
87 Site Location - Where should I try to locate my monitors for investigating emissions from point sources?Monitoring Industrial Location Site Point Exposure 21/11/2016
88 Site Location - Where should I try to locate my monitors for investigating road traffic emissions?Monitoring Road Location Site Road Kerb Exposure 01/03/2010
89 The Process Guidance Note states that a stack height calculation is required following the HMIP D1 Method. Where can I find this?Industrial Modelling D1 Stack Chimney Height clean air act 01/03/2010
90 When using the nomograms in LAQM.TG(09) for the review and assessment of industrial installations, what should I do if my stack is less than 3 m above the building on which it sits, and does the tallest adjacent building include this building?Industrial Modelling Nomogram Building Stack Chimney 3 meters 3 metres 21/11/2016
92 I have read that the TEOM has failed to meet the ECMonitoring Pollutant PM10 Particulate TEOM FDMS 21/11/2016
93 Where there are multiple boilers/furnaces which are individually below the Clean Air Act threshold of 366.4 kilowatts and are served by several chimneys, how should we check whether or not exceedences of the NO2 objective are likely?Industrial Pollutant Boiler Clean Air Act Multiple NO2 NOX Nitrogen 01/03/2010
94 Are the units for the Carbon monoxide objective in Table 1.1 of TG(09) incorrect?Pollutant 1.1 CO Monoxide Carbon 21/11/2016
96 Technical Guidance Note LAQM.TG(09) requires the screening assessment (for combined SO2 and PM10 impacts from biomass and other solid fuels) to be based on the density of biomass/solid fuel-burning houses within a 500 m x 500 m grid. Does this mean that a 500 m x 500 m grid should also be used in a Detailed Assessment?Modelling Pollutant Screen Biomass SO2 PM10 Particulate Sulphur solid fuel households 5.22 5.23 coal wood 21/11/2016
97 Within the Updating and Screening Assessment checklists in some circumstances, such as for new roads, information from an Environmental Statement can be used instead of screening models. How do I show that an Environmental Statement is adequate for the purpose of an Updating and Screening Assessment?Reporting Planning Environmental ES EIA Sreening Development 21/11/2016
98 We have declared a new AQMA within our district. However, the emission source associated with the new declaration is the same as the other AQMAs within our area, for which we have submitted an action plan. What are the implications with respect to our existing action plan?AQAP new AQMA revise amendment 21/11/2016
99 How do I calculate chimney height for fan-diluted emissions below roof level?How do I calculate chimney height for fan-diluted emissions below roof level?01/03/2010
100How do I calculate an appropriate chimney height for furnaces/boilers not subject to controls under the Clean Air Act?Modelling Industrial chimney height stack boiler gas CHMlow Nox burner Memorandum condensing 01/03/2010
101How do I calculate chimney height for multiple gas boilers/furnaces which are individually below the Clean Air Act threshold of 366.4 kilowatts and are not served by one single chimney but several separate ones?Modelling Industrial chimney multiple clean air act Stack Height 01/03/2010
102What are the implications of the equivalence tests for Particulate Matter monitoring for local authorities?Monitoring Pollutant equiv PM10 Monitoring particulate 21/11/2016
103What will happen if a local authority fails to achieve the prescribed objectives in its area?AQMA AQAP Exceedence exceeding exceedance objective AQMA fails 04/01/2012
104What has been the outcome of the equivalence tests for Particulate Matter monitoring that has been carried out by Defra and the Devolved Administrations? What are the implications for local authorities?Monitoring Pollutant equivalence PM10 Monitoring particulate 21/11/2016
105What impact do trees have on air pollutant concentrations?AQAP Planning Modelling Road Mitigation Tree 01/03/2010
106What is the Emission Factors Toolkit?Modelling Road EFT Factor toolkit vehicle emission 19/06/2014
107What is the recommended method of monitoring the 15-minute objective for SO2 at Railway Stations?Transport Pollutant railway Train SO2 locomotive 21/11/2016
108What level of detail is required in the action plan to address the impact of the proposed measures? Is it necessary to provide a detailed quantitative analysis for every measure that has been proposed?AQAP quantitative action plan measure 21/11/2016
109What QA/QC procedures do I need to consider with data management and back-up?Monitoring QA QC 21/11/2016
110What should I do if the targets set for 2010 continue to exceed the air quality objective/EU limit value?AQMA AQAP Exceedence exceeding exceedance 01/03/2010
111What is the Supplementary Assistance: Chimney Height Calculation Spreadsheet?Modelling Industrial Pollutant SO2 Stack Chimney Height 01/03/2010
114What should I do with information on diffusion tube precision?Diffusion Pollutant Monitoring NO2 NOX Precision nitrogen 21/11/2016
112What is the typical impact of local measures on air quality?AQAP Road Planning Mitigation Measure Development 21/11/2016
113When should LAQM reports be submitted?Reporting PR Progress Report submission submit when is Progress Report due when is Detailed Assessment due when is Action Plan due reporting deadline reporting timetable next report USA 21/11/2016
115What sort of uncontrolled and fugitive sources of PM10 should be considered?Industrial Pollutant PM10 Fugitive Uncontrolled Waste 01/03/2010
116When is air quality a material consideration in planning applications?Planning Planning Application Development PPS23 material consideration 21/11/2016
117When predicting short-term concentrations are there any additional precautions that should be taken, particularly where stack emissions are involved?Industrial chimney Stack hourly short-term short short term 15 minute 21/11/2016
118Where can information be obtained on the quality of diffusion tube results?Diffusion Pollutant Monitoring NO2 NOX Bias diffusion tube WASP precision laboratory performance 21/11/2016
120Why does uncertainty arise in dispersion modelling?Modelling Uncertainty Dispersion model 21/11/2016
121Why was there an update to the VCM web portal in April 2009?Monitoring Pollutant VCM PM10 21/11/2016
122Will Defra or the DAs carry out an appraisal of the draft action plans, or those submitted in advance of the Further Assessments?AQAP Reporting appraisal action plan FA Further Assessment 21/11/2016
124Roadside Projection Factors: Is the example in Box 2.1 of TG(09) correct?Modelling Reporting Projection NO2 NOX PM10 2.1 nitrogen tg09 technical guidance 21/11/2016
125Is there a new NOx to NO2 calculator to allow for the increase in primary NO2 from traffic?Pollutant Modelling Road NO2 NOX Calculator nitrogen primary 21/11/2016
127What are the steps and timescales involved in the appraisal process for Review and Assessment reports, Air Quality Action Plans and Action Plan Progress Reports? How may a local authority track their reports through the appraisal process?Reporting AQAP appraised appraisal assessment Progress report submission 01/02/2011
128What assessment should be made to identify the impacts on air quality of biomass boilers?Industrial Modelling Biomass stack chimney 21/11/2016
1How will our authority's Updating and Screening report be appraised?Reporting apprais USA Updating and Screening Assessment Checklist Report 21/11/2016
129What level of detail in respect of cost effectiveness of measures is required in the action plan?AQAP Cost Measure 01/03/2010
123Monitoring Data Tables in the USA Template have a column headed "Worst Case Location?" . What does this mean?Monitoring Worst Exposure worse case location 21/11/2016
130Where do I find good practice LTP2 examples?AQAP LTP good practice example report shared priority 01/03/2010
132How do I revoke an AQMA?revoke revoking revokation revocation aqma 21/11/2016
134Box 2.3 of LAQM.TG(09): how to predict nitrogen dioxide concentrations at different distances from roads. The calculation specifies that distances should be measured from the kerb of a road. I am interested in a road along which cars are parked most of the time, so moving traffic does not use the nearside lane. Should I measure my distance to the kerb or to the edge of the nearest trafficked lane?road kerbside distance from kerb fall-off monitoring diffusion21/11/2016

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