Review and Assessment: Report templates

In order to assist local authorities in undertaking their Review and Assessment duties a series of generic Report Templates have been created which should be used when submitting LAQM Reports.

The LAQM Report Templates for 2021 are now available below. Reports should be submitted in line with the relevant report submission deadline. Local authorities should utilise these templates and when completed, submit them via the LAQM Portal to Defra and the Devolved Administrations for appraisal.

LAQM Report Templates (2021):

The London Local Air Quality Management (LLAQM) Report Templates for London boroughs are available here.


Review and Assessment report templates for previous years are available below.

LAQM Report Templates (2020):

LAQM Report Templates (2019):

If a template is required for 2018 or earlier, these are available on request from

Due to the source/site/pollutant-specific nature of Detailed Assessments it is not appropriate for a generic template to be created. However, examples of good practice Detailed Assessments can be found here to assist in undertaking these reports.

will be published in May