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Stack Height Calculation for SO2 Emissions


A chimney height calculation spreadsheet for sulphur dioxide emissions from small boilers is available. This document allows for an intial screening assessment. It should be noted that this model is based on calculations from a superseded version of ADMS modelling software. However, it is still considered useful as an initial screening exercise. Results should be treated with caution especially where the model predicts results close to Air Quality Objective levels.

In addition, a report giving supplementary assistance on stack height determination in relation to sulphur dioxide emissions from small boilers can also be downloaded.

Current Version


SO2 from Small Boilers Chimney Height Calculation Spreadsheet

Released: January 2001 (XLS, 80KB)

Supplementary Assistance on Stack Height Determination

Released: January 2001 (PDF, 50KB, 13 pages)


The Supplementary Guidance Assistance spreadsheet comprises a summary of the results of a large number of ADMS (Version 3) dispersion modelling runs specifically for SO2 emissions. The spreadsheet asks the user to define only four parameters, as follows:

  • Stack internal diameter (m).
  • Stack volumetric flow rate (m3s-1).
  • Background annual mean SO2 concentration (µg m3).
  • SO2 emission rate (g -1).

The minimum permissible stack height (with and without building wake effects) is automatically displayed.

Further information can be found on the FAQ 111 page.

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