Action Planning: Supporting Guidance

These pages provide information on guidance documents from Defra and the Devolved Administrations which are useful in the preparation of Air Quality Action Plans. Guidance from other non-governmental organisations is also proivded here in order to bring together relevant documents for action planning.

Information is split into the following sections:

Further guidance on preparing Air Quality Action Plans is provided in the appropriate LAQM Policy Guidance.

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LAQM Practice Guidance

Defra has also produced Practice Guidance on some of the more directly effective and ambitious measurs that local authorities can take to improve air quality. Local authorities are not required to have required to have regard to the Practice Guidance, but they will find it useful if they are considering establishing one of the schemes covered by the guidance. The guidance also refers to existing policy on economic and appraisal.

Low Emissions Strategies Guidance

The Low Emissions Strategies (LES) Partnership of local authorities work together to improve ar quality and reduce carbon emissions from road transport.  

In January 2010 the Low Emissions Strategies Guidance Document was published in collaboration with Defra. This guidance is intended for use by local authority planner, environmental health, transport planning and sustainable development teams as provides an outline of the principles of Low Emissions Strategies and examples of good practice.

In January 2011, LES also produced guidance for local authorities who are seeking to develop Supplementary Planning Documents for Low Emissions Strategies.

The Low Emissions Strategies Toolkit has been produced and information on this tool is available on the LES website tools and resources page.

A number of useful guidance, reports, discussion papers and tools are available from the LES website.  You can also sign up for a newsletter on the site.

Environmental Protection UK Guidance

EPUK has produced a series of document which are useful to those preparing Air Quality Action Plans.

A new guidance document "Air Quality and Climate Change Integration Guidance for Local Authorities" was produced in March 2011 to assist local authorities with integrating thir work to reduce the impacts of both air pollutants and greenhouse gases.

Other guidance documents produced by EPUK (then NSCA) are useful especially for those new to Action Planning including:


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