Local Air Quality Management (LAQM) Support

Welcome to the LAQM Support Pages provided by Defra and the Devolved Administrations.

These pages contain a variety of support functions for local authorities and practitioners of local air quality management. To keep up to date with changes to the contents of these pages see our What's new page.

The support functions include:

  • Helpdesk for email and telephone queries on all aspects of local air quality management.
  • Tools to assist with assessment of air quality – including:

    • Emissions Factors Toolkit;
      • For road transport vehicles, incorporating updated NOx emission factors and vehicle fleet information.
    • Background Maps;
      • User guide for 2011-background maps for years 2011 to 2030 for NOx, NO2, PM10 and PM2.5 is available.
    • NOx/NO2 Calculator;
      • Allows local authorities to derive NO2 from NOx wherever NOx is predicted by modelling emissions from roads.
    • Roadside NO2 Projection Factors (See Box 2.1);
      • Factors for projecting measured annual mean roadside NO2 concentrations to future years.
    • Diffusion Tube Tools;
      • Accuracy and precision bias calculator, Bias adjustment factors, Exposure dates calendar, etc.
    • Volatile Correction Model (VCM); and
      • A new model to correct TEOM measured PM10 concentrations to 'gravimetric equivalent' values.
    • Many others.
      • List of Tools (PDF, 271KB, 4 Pages) is also available to download.
  • A website showing all currently declared Air Quality Management Areas in the UK and an AQMA Information Updating System that allows the updating of records.
  • Information for Review and Assessment - Checklists, example Reports and the Report Submission Webpages.
  • Information for Action Planning including details on MeasuresGood PracticeCase Studies andAction Planning Supporting Guidance.
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