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COVID-19 Supplementary Guidance for LAQM Reporting in 2021


As a result of impacts from COVID-19 and the associated restrictions on activity, supplementary guidance has been published to inform local authorities in England of the key changes and points of reference with respect to LAQM duties, as described in Part IV of the Environment Act 1995 and amended by the Environment Act 2021, for the 2021 reporting year.

A webinar was hosted on 28th April 2021 to provide English local authorities with an opportunity to discuss the COVID-19 Supplementary Guidance for LAQM Reporting in 2021. It included a run through of the content of the supplementary guidance followed by a Questions and Answers session. The webinar was recorded and made available via the Air Quality Hub website for those unable to attend, with any further follow-up questions able to be asked via the LAQM Helpdesk.

Current Version


Covid-19 Supplementary Guidance for  LAQM Reporting in 2021

Released: April 2021 (PDF, 331KB, 23 pages)


This supplementary guidance, which should be read in conjunction with LAQM Technical Guidance LAQM.TG(22), has been informed by responses from the impact survey received following the release of the interim statement on COVID-19 impacts to the LAQM regime. It addresses various aspects related to local authority duties under the LAQM regime; in particular, it is provided to assist local authorities in England in completing Appendix F of the ASR template.

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