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NO2 Fall Off With Distance Calculator


This Excel tool has been developed to help local authorities derive the NO2 concentration at locations relevant for exposure as it is not always possible to measure concentrations at precisely the desired location. The calculator estimates the annual mean NO2 concentration at one distance from a road, using measurements made at a different distance from the same road.

Current Version


NO2 Fall Off with Distance from Roads Calculator v4.2

Released: April 2016 (XLS, 612KB)

Report To Support Calculator

Released: July 2008 (PDF, 949KB, 28 pages)


The calculator allows you to predict the annual mean NO2 concentration for a location (“receptor”) that is close to a monitoring site. The monitoring can either be closer to the kerb than the receptor, or further from the kerb than the receptor.  The closer the monitor and the receptor are to each other, the more reliable the prediction will be.

The methodology consists of comparing the monitored annual mean NO2 concentrations at a given point against known relationships between NO2 concentrations and the distance from a road source.

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