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NO2 Adjustment for NOx Sector Removal Tool


The national map of background NOx concentrations is split into source sectors. When NOx is removed from different sectors, for example to avoid double counting of modelled sources, it is necessary to recalculate the resulting NO2 concentration. This calculator recalculates the NO2 concentration depending on NOx sector removal.

The current version of the tool (v8.0) should only be used with the 2018 Reference Year Background Maps and the Emissions Factors Toolkit v10.1, and can be used for years 2018 to 2030. Guidance on how to use the NO2 Adjustment for NOx Sector Removal Tool is available in the Background Maps User Guide provided below.

Current Version


NO2 Adjustment for NOx Sector Removal Tool v8.0

Released: August 2020 (XLSB, 5.8MB)

Background Maps User Guide

Released: August 2020 (PDF, 1.1MB, 44 pages)


This tool incorporates geographical information about regional oxidant concentrations in order to recalculate background NO2 concentrations, alongside information about primary NO2 (f-NO2) from both road and non-road sectors. Grid Square coordinates from the national background maps should be provided, however the tool will estimate the nearest grid square for coordinates provided (so these must be correct), and ensure information on road and non-road sectors is provided.

Please Note: Users of the updated LAQM tools should be aware that the projections in the 2018 reference year background maps and associated tools are based on assumptions which were current before the Covid-19 outbreak in the UK. In consequence these tools do not reflect short or longer term impacts on emissions in 2020 and beyond resulting from behavioural change during the national or local lockdowns.

Previous Version


NO2 Adjustment for NOx Sector Removal Tool v7.0 

Released: May 2019 (XLS, 5.8MB)


For older versions of the tool, please contact the LAQM Helpdesk for further assistance.

LAQM Helpdesk
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