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Good Practice Examples: Detailed Modelling Studies


The below examples of Detailed Assessments and Detailed Modelling Studies show a range of approaches taken by local authorities in order to provide additional information to support the decision to declare, amend or revoke and Air Quality Management Area (AQMA). Whilst Detailed Assessments are no longer a formal requirement for local authorities in England, Scotland or Wales, the guiding principles are still of relevance when developing detailed modelling studies to support air quality activities within a local authority area.


Derbyshire Dales District Council: An example of a Detailed Assessment for a poultry farm identifying the need for an AQMA. The report is based on monitoring carried out by the Environment Agency. It is important to note that any plans for Poultry Farm Detailed Assessments or Detailed Modelling Studies should be discussed with the helpdesk prior to starting work.

Poultry Farm Detailed Assessment

Released: October 2009 (PDF, 6 MB, 12 pages)

Appendix 1

Released: October 2009 (PDF, 1 MB, 50 pages)

Appendix 2

Released: October 2009 (PDF, 1 MB, 16 pages)


Guildford Borough Council: A clearly written Air Quality Assessment investigating the air quality impact of an existing biomass boiler installation.

Peaslake Biomass Boiler Air Quality Assessment 

Released: December 2009 (PDF, 1.2 MB, 23 pages)


Sefton Metropolitan Borough Council: A well structured Detailed Assessment which provides the necessary information required to comply with its duties under the 1995 Environment Act.

Sefton Metropolitan Borough Council Detailed Assessment

Released: May 2008 (PDF, 1.4 MB, 48 pages)


Brighton and Hove City Council: A comprehensive Detailed Assessment evaluating several areas across the city to confirm the extent of any exceedances.

Brighton and Hove City Council Detailed Assessment

Released: September 2007 (PDF, 2.4 MB, 69 pages)


Mid Beds District Council: A well-structured consultant-written Detailed Assessment which considers the need for declaration of an AQMA and continued monitoring.

Mid Beds District Council Detailed Assessment 

Released: June 2008 (PDF, 1.2 MB, 32 pages)


City of York Council: Good, simple monitoring based Detailed Assessment with clear discussion and presentation of short-term monitoring data conversion and bias adjustment.

City of York Council Detailed Assessment 

Released: September 2009 (PDF, 1.7 MB, 24 pages)


Wyre Forest District Council: An example of a Detailed Assessment for SO2 from coal-fired locomotives.

Wyre Forest District Council Detailed Assessment 

Released: April 2009 (PDF, 3.1 MB, 19 pages)

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