Travel Plans


Travel plans are used to encourage travel by means other than the single car user and are often included in air quality action plans as a measure to reduce pollutant emissions. There are four types of travel plans:

  • school travel plans
  • workplace travel plans
  • residential travel plans
  • personalised travel plans


More information on each can be found at Act Travel Wise.

A number of initiatives are in place to encourage children to travel to school in a sustainable mode. School travel plans aim to improve children’s safety to and from school and encourage walking and cycling, leading to a reduction in pollutant emissions. Local authorities should encourage all schools to produce a travel plan and information on safe routes to school can be found using the document available on this page.

More information can be found at:


More information on residential travel plans can be found under the measure Development Planning.


Sustrans – School Travel Planning Toolkit

Released: August 2017 (PDF, 1.55 MB, 12 pages)

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