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Air Quality and Climate Change

This page is designed to help you find information about the interactions between air quality and climate change. The links may be of use:

Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy (BEIS)

BEIS provides information on tackling climate change, cutting emissions, and policy and legislation. You can also see statistics on climate change and energy use, along with national indicators through the BEIS website.

Defra -Securing the Future: Delivering UK Sustainable Development Strategy

The Securing the Future: Delivering UK Sustainable Development Strategy website provides useful information on sustainable development including action to tackle climate change and protecting and enhancing the natural environment.

DfT – Local Sustainable Transport Fund: research and analysis

These pages describe the DfT’s work to promote initiatives that can reduce congestion, improve local environments and encourage healthier and safer lifestyles.  Links are also provided to wider initiatives for Creating Greener Communities and Act on CO2.  See the DfT sustainable transport funding pages.

Air Quality Expert Group

Air Quality and Climate Change: A UK Perspective

The Air Quality Expert Group (AQEG) were asked to examine linkages between climate change and air quality pollutants and their potential mitigation policies.  The report, published in 2007, seeks to provide answers to questions in relation impacts of climate change on air quality and vice versa, impacts of climate change policies on air quality, and future research requirements.

Road Transport Biofuels

You may also be interested in the new advice note (March 2011) from AQEG on Road Transport Biofuels . This discusses the likely biofuels in a UK context, evidence on how biofuels change vehicle emissions and the impacts on air quality, and what the potential likely impacts on air quality are as a result of increased use of biofuels.

Environmental Protection UK

Air Quality and Climate Change Integration Guidance for Local Authorities was produced in March 2011 to assist local authorities with integrating thir work to reduce the impacts of both air pollutants and greenhouse gases.


AQEG Report on Air Quality and Climate Change

Released: March 2007 (PDF, 5.5MB, 317 pages)

Hosted on www.uk-air.defra.gov.uk

AQEG Report on Road Transport Biofuels

Hosted on www.gov.uk

Air Quality and Climate Change Integration Guidance for Local Authorities

Released: March 2011 (PDF, 1.9MB, 46 Pages)

Hosted on www.iaqm.co.uk

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