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Total Oxidant Concentrations


The table contained within the document below provides the 99.8th percentile concentrations of total oxidant (i.e. NOx+O3, as NO2) for all AURN sites where data is available, for the 2017-2019 period.

This data can be used as input data within the Industrial Screening Tool, to determine the maximum NOx emissions (in tonnes per annum) from a stack, for which there should be no risk of exceedance of the NO2 short-term (1-hour mean) air quality objective.

See para 7.29 and Box 7.13 of Technical Guidance LAQM.TG(16) for more information.


Total Oxidant Concentrations

Released: June 2020 (PDF, 34KB, 2 Pages)


Please note that sites with a lower percentage data capture may lead to a higher degree of uncertainty in the calculated percentile value.

This table is expected to be updated from time to time, so has been removed from LAQM.TG(16) to enable these amends to take place.

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