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Environmental Protection UK Guidance


Environmental Protection UK (EPUK) has produced a series of documents which are useful to those preparing Air Quality Action Plans.

A guidance document “Air Quality and Climate Change Integrating Policy within Local Authorities” was produced in March 2011 to assist local authorities with integrating their work to reduce the impacts of both air pollutants and greenhouse gases. Other guidance documents produced by EPUK (formerly the National Society for Clean Air (NSCA)) are useful especially for those new to Action Planning and are provided below.


Air Quality and Climate Change: Integrating Policy within Local Authorities

Released: March 2011 (PDF, 1.88 MB, 46 pages)

Air Quality Action Plans: Interim Guidance for Local Authorities

(PDF, 1.15 MB, 65 pages)

AQMAs – Turning Reviews into Action

(PDF, 1.38 MB, 38 pages)

AQMAs – A review of procedures and practices for Local Authorities

(PDF, 128 KB, 16 pages)

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