Review and Assessment: LAQM Consultation


The Environment Act, 1995 provides the statutory basis for consultation and liaison in respects of local air quality management. Defra and Devolved Administrations expect local authorities to continue to work closely with other local authorities, agencies, businesses and the local community to improve local air quality.

Further information on air quality management consultation can be found in Chapter 6 of the Policy Guidance (LAQM.PG(16)).

Examples of consultation initiatives from around the UK are provided. Examples include contact details, the aim or purpose of the event(s), a brief description of the event(s) including techniques used, people involved, how these were selected and contacted, whether consultants and/or in-house expertise were used, whether this was a stand-alone event or part of a process, an estimate of the resources used (financial, officers, time) and a discussion of the pitfalls to be avoided if the event were to be replicated.