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103What will happen if a local authority fails to achieve the prescribed objectives in its area?AQMA AQAP Exceedence exceeding exceedance objective AQMA fails 16/10/2017
137What Defra funding sources can Local Authorities access to support their air quality work?AQAP Funding Grant Fund06/10/2016
127What are the steps and timescales involved in the appraisal process for Review and Assessment reports, Air Quality Action Plans and Action Plan Progress Reports? How may a local authority track their reports through the appraisal process?Reporting AQAP appraised appraisal assessment Progress report submission 01/02/2011
41 How effective are acoustic screening or tree planting alongside busy roads in reducing pollution at adjacent residential areas?Planning AQAP Road mitigation trees acoustic screens reducing barrier 01/03/2010
42 How effective is photocatalytic paint in reducing ambient nitrogen oxides?AQAP Planning paint photocatalytic mitigation effective 01/03/2010
105What impact do trees have on air pollutant concentrations?AQAP Planning Modelling Road Mitigation Tree 01/03/2010
110What should I do if the targets set for 2010 continue to exceed the air quality objective/EU limit value?AQMA AQAP Exceedence exceeding exceedance 01/03/2010
129What level of detail in respect of cost effectiveness of measures is required in the action plan?AQAP Cost Measure 01/03/2010
130Where do I find good practice LTP2 examples?AQAP LTP good practice example report shared priority 01/03/2010

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