Measures - Low Emission Zones

A Low Emission Zone is a geographically defined area where the most polluting vehicles in the fleet are restricted or discouraged from using. The aim is to improve air quality by setting an emissions based standard for the vehicles within the area. Detailed information and guidance on low emission zones can be found on the Supporting Guidance page.

There are two low emission zones in the UK, the largest scheme is in operation in London (Transport for London's Low Emission Zone page - opens in a new window) and restricts diesel engine vehicles over 3.5 tonnes, buses, coaches, large vans and minibuses while the Norwich LEZ restricts buses. More information about this scheme can be downloaded here:
Norwich LEZ (PDF 400Kb).

Further information on LEZ schemes elsewhere in Europe can be found at Low Emission Zones in Europe (opens in a new window).

A report on behalf of Defra investigating the feasibility of developing a certification scheme for technology retrofitted to HDVs to abate NOx emissions is available to download here.