Measures - Car Sharing and Car Clubs

Car sharing and car club schemes tend to reduce the number of journey trips and reduce emissions. Car sharing is when two or more people travel together for all or part of one trip. This can be done informally or via an organised car share scheme. The best developed schemes are targeted at the daily commute. Companies may promote them as part of their travel plan. Local authorities can promote car sharing across an entire area involving many employers.

A car club gives people the choice of a fleet of vehicles in their local area and access to a car when they require, but without the burden of the fixed costs of vehicle ownership.

Commercially based car clubs operate in many urban areas and numerous community based clubs are run on a social enterprise basis.

Further information and good practice guidance is available at Department for Transport - Car Sharing page (opens in a new window) and information is also available about Car Clubs (opens in a new window).