Action Planning: Good Practice

These examples of final Action Plans show a range of approaches taken by local authorities to the development of Action Plans within their Air Quality Management Areas (AQMAs), which vary in size and range of emission sources.

The appraisal team has accepted all of the proposed measures as appropriate and proportional to the extent of the problem. Their inclusion here as examples of Best Practice are made on the basis of the overall approach to the Action Plan taken by the authority, or the endorsement of specific elements of the Plan, which may prove useful to other authorities embarking on the Action Plan process. Comments are provided against individual Action Plans to guide local authorities on where the appraisal team regard the Plan as good practice.

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Action Plan TypeExample

Good overall approach - September 2010

Fife Council [final]

A good example of a thorough approach in developing an action plan which includes comprehensive links to transport policy and sustainable travel.

Download Fife Council (PDF 9.07 Mb)

2010 Progress Report

London Borough of Hillingdon [final]

Good reporting of progress with use of indicators. Good procedures are being put in place to monitor the performance of the measures and their impact on air quality.

Download London Borough of Hillingdon (PDF 2.17Mb)

2010 Progress Report

Manchester City Council [final]

Thorough reporting against set indicators.

Download Manchester City Council (PDF 435 Kb)

2010 Progress Report

Rushcliffe Borough Council [final]

Good level of detail, includes targets some of which are Council transport targets with good reporting against these. Strong linkage with transport policy and reporting.

Download Rushcliffe Borough Council (DOC 4.5Mb)

2010 Progress Report

Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council [final]

Good assessment of the NO2 trends to examine impact of measures.

Download Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council Council (PDF 4.26Mb)

2010 Progress Report

Southampton City Council [final]

Good use of indicators, progress is Red/Amber/Green indicated with good NO2 trend analysis related to impact of the measures.

Download Southampton City Council (PDF 4.26Mb)

2010 Progress Report

Exeter City Council [final]

Good level of detail, strong linkage with transport policy and reporting.

Download Exeter City Council (PDF 302.43Kb)

2010 Progress Report

Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council [final]

Good level of detail, reports on impact of measure implementation.

Download Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council (PDF 829Kb)

Good integration of air quality and climate change - August 2009

Perth and Kinross Council [final]

The impact of proposed measures was assessed on air quality and greenhouse gases through using an emissions inventory. The integration of air quality and climate change is an important aspect of action planning.

Download Perth and Kinross Council (PDF 10.52Mb)

Air Quality Action Plan Progress Report

London Borough of Croydon [final]

Good evidence of the impact of idling vehicle enforcement and traffic management measures.

Download London Borough of Croydon (ZIP 1.15Mb)

Air Quality Action Plan Progress Report

Rotherham MBC [final]

Impact of changing traffic light signalling on traffic demonstrated and good performance in implementing travel plans.

Download Rotherham MBC (ZIP 78.2Kb)

Air Quality Action Plan Progress Report

Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead [final]

Indicators and targets have been set for various measures within the action plan.

Download Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead (ZIP 209Kb)

Air Quality Updating and Screening Assessment

Kingston upon Hull City Council [final]

Several successful measures have been reported, e.g a reduction in congestion has resulted from the improvement in traffic control management via traffic light signalling.

Download Kingston upon Hull (ZIP 8.42Mb)

Air Quality Action Plan Update

Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea [final]

A successful car club has resulted in significant NOx emission reduction.

Download RB Kensington and Chelsea (ZIP 252Kb)

Local Transport Plan Progress Report

West Sussex [final]

This is a good example of the progress report on the implementation of a Local Transport Plan. West Sussex's plan contains options specific to AQMAs with stated quantified benefits. Progress against set targets has been reported and the integrated LTP and action plan reports a reduction in traffic flows in the AQMA.

Download West Sussex (ZIP 2.48Mb)

Monitoring Implementation Progress

Derry City Council [final]

Derry City Council require a 29% reduction in traffic NOx to meet the air quality objective. Numerous options are included but the impact of these are not clear. However, the Council are committed to monitoring traffic flow changes in the AQMAs and air quality, as the actions are being implemented. The Council also are committed to producing a detailed implementation plan for these traffic management measures.

Download Derry (ZIP 2.33Mb)

Assessment of the Air Quality Impact of Options

West Oxfordshire Council [final]

The final action plan from West Oxfordshire Council shows good consultation and assessment of the air quality impact of the options.

Download West Oxfordshire (ZIP 5.94Mb)

Good Linkage with Local Transport Plan

Chichester District Council [final]

This action plan is a good example of strong linkage with the local transport plan. The impact of actions to improve traffic flows in the AQMAs has been quantified.

Download Chichester (ZIP 2.16Mb)

Monitoring Implementation Progress

Sevenoaks District Council [final]

Sevenoaks council have a number of AQMAs within the district. Options with clear timescales for implementation have been determined for each AQMA and a statement as to how progress will be monitored with indicators and targets set for each option. The air quality benefit of the options have been assessed which in some cases show that local action would be sufficient to meet the air quality objective.

Download Sevenoaks (ZIP 4.07Mb)

Quantifying the Air Quality Impact of Actions

Belfast City Council Action Plan [final]

A good example of quantifying the air quality benefits of actions and projecting when the national air quality objective is likely to be met.

Download Belfast (ZIP 4.6Mb)

Source Apportionment and AQ Assessment

Newport City Council Action Plan [final]

An example of detailed source apportionment analysis. The assessment of the air quality impacts of the plan is also presented quantitatively in key cases.

Download Newport (ZIP 2.8Mb)

Initial Actions Relating to an Industrial Source

Falkirk Council Action Plan [final]

An example of clear initial actions relating to an industrial source. This includes actions to improve the capacity to assess the impacts of the source and an alert system for peak episodes.

Download Falkirk (ZIP 216Kb)

Engagement with the Highways Agency

Gravesham Borough Council Annual Progress Report

An example of negotiation between the authority, the HA and the Secretary of State to make significant changes to a road within the trunk road network.

Download Gravesham (ZIP 99Kb)

Urban AQMAs

London Borough of Camden [final]

A good example of a comprehensive approach to developing an Action Plan in a large metropolitan area. The plan demonstrates a thorough understanding of transport's impact on air quality and encompasses a comprehensive range of possible measures.

Download Camden (ZIP 1.42Mb)
Link updated to include Final draft and appendices.

Large AQMA - Motorway

Wycombe District Council [final]

The plan provides a sound approach to the problems faced when formulating an Action Plan for an AQMA covering Motorway locations. The Plan sets out well the relevant responsibilities of those organisations and/or bodies required to implement the various proposals.

Download Wycombe (ZIP 533Kb)
This link has been updated to include Final draft.

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