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These pages are intended to provide UK local authorities with guidance, examples of good practice and the exchange of other relevant information in the field of local air quality management. In particular this part of the site is focussed on strategies, plans and individual measures for managing local air quality impacts.

Supporting Guidance for Action Planning pages are available which provide information on policy and guidance documents from Defra and the Devolved Administrations which are useful in the preparation of Air Quality Action Plans.  Guidance from other non-governmental organisations is also provided here in order to bring together relevant documents for action planning.  Information is split into the following sections:

You can access the supporting guidance pages for Action Planning by clicking here or using the Supporting Guidance link on the left hand menu.

There are also a number of Frequently Asked Questions on Action Planning and these can be accessed through the main FAQs pages.

Details of how to contact the helpdesk in relation to Action Planning can be found on the helpdesk page.

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