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5 Measured nitrogen oxides (NOx) and/or nitrogen dioxide (NO2) concentrations in my local authority area do not appear to be declining in line with national forecasts. Should I take this into account in my Review and Assessment work?Pollutant Diffusion Nitrogen NOx NO2 trends 01/09/2010
34 For diffusion tube locations with triplicate tubes, how do I know whether to discount outlying tubes in calculating my bias adjustment factor?Diffusion Pollutant Monitoring diffusion tube triplicate outlier bias adjustment factorNitrogen NO2 21/11/2016
54 If I upgrade my TEOM analyser to a FDMS analyser, or replace it with an FDMS, is it possible to compare the data for the purpose of trend analyses?Pollutant Monitoring PM10 FDMS Particulate 21/11/2016
58 What influence does location have on diffusion tube bias? In particular, can roadside co-location studies be used to adjust background diffusion tubes and vice versa?Diffusion Monitoring Pollutant Bias tube No2 nox nitrogen location co-location colocation collocation 21/11/2016
62 Is the example in Box 7.2 of LAQM.TG(09) correct?Road Modelling Pollutant 7.2 NOx NO2 Nitrogen Reduction tg09 technical guidance 21/11/2016
63 Measurements of nitrogen dioxide have been made over the last few years at the kerbside using diffusion tubes. Is there any way the results can be used to assess concentrations at the facade of nearby residential properties, to allow comparison with the annual mean objective?Monitoring Pollutant Road Fall Distance nox no2 nitrogen kerb road diffusion tube 21/11/2016
65 A planning application introduces new exposure into an area that is not currently within an AQMA. If mechanical ventilation and roof level air intakes are used - would an AQMA still need to be declared?Planning Pollutant AQMA Exposure Mitigation facade outside21/11/2016
66 Monitoring Equipment - What are the recommended methods for making measurements of sulphur dioxide?Monitoring Pollutant SO2 Equipment 21/11/2016
67 Monitoring Equipment - What are the recommended methods for making measurements of nitrogen dioxide?Monitoring Pollutant Diffusion NO2 Equipment NOX Nitrogen diffusion tube 21/11/2016
68 Monitoring Equipment - What are the recommended methods for making measurements of PM10 particles?Monitoring Pollutant PM10 Particulate Equipment 21/11/2016
69 When defining nitrogen dioxide diffusion tube bias, is it better to use the local co-location result or the average of as many co-location studies for the laboratory and tube preparation method as possible?Diffusion Pollutant Monitoring NO2 NOX nitrogen Bias co-location collocation colocation local bias national bias diffusion tube 21/11/2016
74For PM10 from quarries, is it sufficient to say that if deposit gauge results are below 200 µg/m2/day, then there is no PM10 problem?Pollutant Industrial PM10 quarr fugitive dust 21/11/2016
76 QA/QC - What QA/QC procedures do I need to implement for diffusion tube monitoring?Monitoring Diffusion Pollutant QA QC NOX NO2 nitrogen diffusion tube 21/11/2016
77 QA/QC - What QA/QC procedures do I need to implement for gravimetric PM10 monitoring?Monitoring Pollutant QA QC PM10 particulate 21/11/2016
78 QA/QC - What QA/QC procedures do I need to implement for automatic NOx and SO2 monitoring?Monitoring Pollutant QA QC SO2 Sulphur NOX NO2nitrogen 21/11/2016
92 I have read that the TEOM has failed to meet the ECMonitoring Pollutant PM10 Particulate TEOM FDMS 21/11/2016
93 Where there are multiple boilers/furnaces which are individually below the Clean Air Act threshold of 366.4 kilowatts and are served by several chimneys, how should we check whether or not exceedences of the NO2 objective are likely?Industrial Pollutant Boiler Clean Air Act Multiple NO2 NOX Nitrogen 01/03/2010
94 Are the units for the Carbon monoxide objective in Table 1.1 of TG(09) incorrect?Pollutant 1.1 CO Monoxide Carbon 21/11/2016
96 Technical Guidance Note LAQM.TG(09) requires the screening assessment (for combined SO2 and PM10 impacts from biomass and other solid fuels) to be based on the density of biomass/solid fuel-burning houses within a 500 m x 500 m grid. Does this mean that a 500 m x 500 m grid should also be used in a Detailed Assessment?Modelling Pollutant Screen Biomass SO2 PM10 Particulate Sulphur solid fuel households 5.22 5.23 coal wood 21/11/2016
102What are the implications of the equivalence tests for Particulate Matter monitoring for local authorities?Monitoring Pollutant equiv PM10 Monitoring particulate 21/11/2016
104What has been the outcome of the equivalence tests for Particulate Matter monitoring that has been carried out by Defra and the Devolved Administrations? What are the implications for local authorities?Monitoring Pollutant equivalence PM10 Monitoring particulate 21/11/2016
107What is the recommended method of monitoring the 15-minute objective for SO2 at Railway Stations?Transport Pollutant railway Train SO2 locomotive 21/11/2016
111What is the Supplementary Assistance: Chimney Height Calculation Spreadsheet?Modelling Industrial Pollutant SO2 Stack Chimney Height 01/03/2010
114What should I do with information on diffusion tube precision?Diffusion Pollutant Monitoring NO2 NOX Precision nitrogen 21/11/2016
115What sort of uncontrolled and fugitive sources of PM10 should be considered?Industrial Pollutant PM10 Fugitive Uncontrolled Waste 01/03/2010
118Where can information be obtained on the quality of diffusion tube results?Diffusion Pollutant Monitoring NO2 NOX Bias diffusion tube WASP precision laboratory performance 21/11/2016
121Why was there an update to the VCM web portal in April 2009?Monitoring Pollutant VCM PM10 21/11/2016
125Is there a new NOx to NO2 calculator to allow for the increase in primary NO2 from traffic?Pollutant Modelling Road NO2 NOX Calculator nitrogen primary 21/11/2016

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